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Hey there,

I'm using the Name "Hihadruka" since I'm 12 or 13 years old.
I guess, it's Time to change my name after 15 years, to a name which is more... easily to remember.
The onation campaign is for the premium upgrade.

♥ Thank you for all your kind words and for supporting me! ♥

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Artist | Hobbyist
A r t i s t | D i g i t a l + T r a d i t i o n a l A r t

Birth: 1. April 1989

Traditional Art: Since November 2014 I started to make Figures out of Clay.
oil painting

Digital Art : Charakterdesing [Manga]



Vivi Orunitia + Chocobo by Hihadruka
Vivi Orunitia + Chocobo
#Vivi #Orunitia + #Chocobo from #FinalFantasy IX on wooden base.
Materials ~ #polymerclay, clay, wire, moss, wooden base
Dimensions ~ 18cm x 12cm

To be honest... giving this little guy away is one of the catchiest.
Vivi is one of my favourites from the whole ff-series and it was so much fun made him and the little choco. <3
My dear friend Je Penny reminded of the little comic I'd done some weeks ago. Well... could be worse. Wink/Razz 

...maybe I'll make one for myself someday.

Watch some more Pics and wips on Facebook. Heart
30min/Sketch - Nephew by Hihadruka
30min/Sketch - Nephew
Here is a scetch from my little nephew.
Just want to show you the cutest baby ever. Heart 

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slshimerdla Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the watch! I really appreciate it :)
Hihadruka Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2016  Hobbyist
And so do I! Dance! 
elleallio Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Marauder's Era Roleplay

Since the reign of Grindelwald in the 1940's, pureblood traditions have rapidly digressed. The suppression of muggles and muggleborns lead to an extreme alteration in lifestyle. This can be clearly seen by those who uphold the old ways.

Where students were once indoctrinated into magical culture, they are now highly influenced by muggle philosophy and religion. We no longer teach muggleborn students pureblood etiquette, but instead teach children with magical upbringing muggle studies. Primordial and ritualistic magics have been abolished, labelled as dark, and Judao-Christian holidays have replaced the ancient Sabbaths. In place of Yule or Samhain, we find Christmas and Halloween. Elemental magic has become taboo. Our mannerisms and customs have been classified as archaic.

Lord Voldemort's pro-pureblood movement quickly gained support from the ancient wizarding families. He promised to restore honor to the noble houses. But when his methods failed, what began as a political faction was revealed to be a hate group. Now, their tactics have deteriorated into terrorism.

Many of those who once believed in his cause have attempted to distance themselves from the revolution, only to find that abdiction comes at the greatest of costs. Those who outwardly rebel are executed. Any who dare refuse his service are coerced into doing his bidding, or disposed of all together. The Ministry of Magic is on the brink of collapse.

But from the ashes of the debilitated community, a few vigilantes rise to fight against him. The Order of the Phoenix, lead by Albus Dumbledore, battles for dominance.

Welcome to war. Which side will you find yourself on?
martinjohnborja Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2016   Traditional Artist
Thanks for the watch, Hihadruka!
Daniel-Loya-III Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2016  Student General Artist
thank you for such kind words..!:love:
Daniel-Loya-III Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2016  Student General Artist
sculptor101 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks so much for the watch!!
liark2z Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
thanks for the fav! :hug:
HeyLookASign Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2015  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Backatcha talented clay artist person! :D
kamahl31 Featured By Owner May 9, 2015
Thanks so much for the watch ^_^
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